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Before joining Avant Realty, I met with brokers at several different agencies. I asked each one similar questions: How do you train new real estate agents and how do you support new agents, including those who choose to only work part-time, so that they succeed. The typical answers I received were "well, there is lots of on-line training" and "you really should do this full-time, because the work requirements don't really allow for part-time work".

That was until I met with Terrence at Avant. His philosophy in helping new real estate agents is totally different than those of owners/managers of other agencies. Terrence's goal is to provide real, in-person training and to give of his time to ensure that his staff is successful. In support of people who only want to do this work part-time, he schedules most trainings in the evening, to have as many people able to attend as possible. Terrence's philosophy is that Avant succeeds when his agents succeed, and he does whatever it takes to make that happen, including providing guidance, mentorship and support. He takes the time to answer any questions and he is always willing to go to meetings with prospective or current clients. I'm so happy that I chose to work at Avant.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2015
Posted By: David Duncan
“When I first started looking at different Real Estate offices two years ago I was hoping to find a place that would work with my schedule. I was and am still working full time and wanted to ease into real estate part-time. That was my priority more so than the commission split. I found that at Avant Realty Group, along with support and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”

“If I had scheduling conflicts Terrence was there to make sure my showing appointments were covered. As a broker he's supportive and hands on and was able to accompany me to my listing appointments. It was so helpful and crucial to have that support especially starting out. I have grown and learned so much about this business in the past two years and am quite happy having made the decision to begin my career at Avant Realty Group. It's been what I consider to be a successful two years. I look forward to more growth and learning in years to come.”
Date of Posting: 28 May 2015
Posted By: Jessica Ortega
Avant Realty Group Agent

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